Organic Skin Care with Manuka Honey, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera & More

No Fragrances      No Parabens      No Petroleum      PH Balanced

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                                                          Manuka Honey Flower

                                                          Manuka Honey Flower

 Honeyskin Organic Skin Care is a complete natural organic solution for your skin and any skin condition!  We have searched the world for the very most effective ingredients in skin care and cellular regeneration.

“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.”
— Aristotle
"I had a rash that wouldn't go away for months and it went away within days after using the cream. I highly recommend it for anyone dealing with skin issues - it's great stuff."

    "Fantastic product. I have untreated rosacea and no over the counter products worked well - even ones markedsensitive. They all made my face worse, so I just went without and used no moisturizer which made my skin beyond dry. This has worked wonders to improve my complexion, get rid of the rosacea bumps, reduce redness and moisturize."


"Love, Love, Love Honeyskin. First of all it's non toxic! Secondly it's the only thing that's handled my twin babies eczema. I've tried lots of products but Honeyskin smoothed and soothed those dry ares on my babies immediately and showed improvement right away. It's a must have product for babies and for Momma too!"
"This is a fantastic moisturizing cream! The day I got this in the mail, I happened to have really puffy dark circles under my eyes due to not sleeping much the night before. As an experiment I put the cream under one eye to see what it would do. I came back to the bathroom about 10 minutes later and was AMAZED! The dark circle that had the cream on it was about 70% smaller than the one without the cream. I mean, I literally could measure the difference between the two.
I also live in a very dry climate so my lips get dry. I decided to try this cream on my lips instead of lip balm and after two treatments my lips were perfect again.
Finally, my husband bought me a super expensive ($150) moisturizing cream for Xmas but I think this Honeyskin does a better job! I would def buy this again and recommend to a friend."
B. L.
Treat yourself and your family to the best superfood-rich and organic skin and hair care line! Remove the chemicals and you will glow head to toe!

Treat yourself and your family to the best superfood-rich and organic skin and hair care line! Remove the chemicals and you will glow head to toe!

we use Only the best ingredients

We use the highest grade Aloe Vera, Amino Acids, Vitamins and Minerals, MSM, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and some other incredible oils the skin needs. We also use a special grade of Blue Green Algae which contains almost every organic mineral in trace amounts, which is what the skin needs to heal as a remedy, even on tough skin.

Now, for the amazing part….

We have included in our products several newly discovered natural healing agents from the land down under.  There has been a lot of research over the last few years on various species of plants in rainforests and other remote regions of Australia and New Zealand. One such botanical, Cehami, is amazing for inflammation and pain. There is also a medical grade healing honey from New Zealand called, “Manuka Honey”.  It’s so potent, the FDA recently approved it as a medical device and is now being used in hospitals! These ingredients are in every one of our products.


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After 30 years in the cosmetic industry, formulating products for the biggest names in the cosmetic industry, the founders of Honeykin Organics  were sick and tired of watching cheap, harmful fillers go into products which were then priced outrageously and claimed to help your skin when in reality were only damaging it further. So we decided to make a change and create a truly high quality, natural product which is beneficial to your skin while at the same time eradicating skin conditions effectively and safely.

We are family owned and operated and we manufacture ourselves here in the USA.  Everyone here at Honeyskin Organics shares a passion for organic natural products.  We love helping people and truly care about their health. We have a huge loyal customer base which we've had the pleasure of helping to change and better their lives through our products.  Whether it's watching eczema disappear from a 5 year old's inner elbow, eradicating a lifelong battle with psoriasis, reducing someone's embarrassing rosacea, healing a bug bite itch or a burn, soothing a rash, changing a woman's dry legs into silky soft legs, or tightening up the fine lines and reducing wrinkles on a face, we LOVE what we do and consider it our pleasure in providing the most effective ingredients in our fine line of products which actually get results!


And the bad stuff we avoid:


Most of the big cosmetic companies put a conglomeration of water, mineral oil and alcohol and call it face cream.  They offer you a soap for your skin that has a PH high enough to burn!  They add ingredients strategically designed to "feel good" on your skin, while knowing it will just dry it out... so, you will need more and more.  In fact, at this very writing, today it was announced internationally that one of the key ingredients those same companies use in their "moisturizing lotions" is actually CAUSING ECZEMA and CREATING A GLOBAL EPIDEMIC! 

Guess what the first ingredient is in every cream or lotion you may have used… WATER!  Right!  The cheapest ingredient on earth.  How much does water help your hands when you do the dishes?  Dries them out by taking away the natural oils right?  That’s why we don’t use it.  Guess what the 2nd cheapest ingredient in most lotions is?  MINERAL OIL which is a by-product of PETROLEUM and which has been linked to cancer. WE USE NONE OF THOSE CHEAP PETROLEUM PRODUCTS BECAUSE THEY DRY YOUR SKIN AND CLOG YOUR PORES.  And no alcohol, no fragrance and no animal testing and of course… no harsh preservatives like parabens. Go to our information page and read more about the ingredients and side effects found in most common cosmetic products.


“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

— Albert Einstein