Your skin lives at a PH of 5.5.  That is healthy skin. It is slightly acidic. Why? Because this "acid mantle" is a layer that protects you from bugs and viruses. They don't like the taste of that acid mantle.  This acid layer is also what protects your natural oils. Your PH has everything to do with keeping your skin healthy, clear and soft.  It is soaps and cleansers which literally burn and dry out your skin on a daily basis. This is called an "alkaline burn" and it is why you should only clean with products at precisely 5.5 PH. This is what we do with all of our products.


So, the skin is a huge part of the immune system, we know this. The skin is the largest organ weighing in at approx 22 pounds. The second largest organ is the liver which averages about 4.5 pounds. It's obvious the skin is pretty major, and yet we abuse it on a daily basis! And we wonder why we have auto-immune reactions concerning the skin such as psoriasis. Protect the PH of your skin and you protect your acid mantle, and this calms the skin, allows it to do its job and enhances your immune system.  It isn't just about pretty skin, it's all about your HEALTH.